Sergio Meza
Nicolás López
Chef of the restaurant Villanos en Bermudas Sergio Meza  /  
Chef of the restaurant Villanos en Bermudas Nicolás López

Villanos en Bermudas

 -  Fine dining
Calle 56 # 5 - 21, Bogotá
Lunch: closed
Dinner: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

It offers only a ten-course tasting menu, ideal for those risky palates who like to be surprised since the cuisine of this restaurant mixes technique, creativity and freedom. The ingredients are obtained through small producers and the menu changes every day according to the availability of the market. The culinary experience, besides the bar that offers cocktails with liquors with infusions, breaks paradigms. Villanos is now on the list of Latin America´s 50 Best Restaurants - Bravo!

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