Rodrigo Díaz
Juan Pablo Zambrano
Chef-owner of the restaurant Paloma Rodrigo Díaz  /  
Manager of the restaurant Paloma Juan Pablo Zambrano


 -  Fun & trendy
Cra. 55 # 74 - 125, Barranquilla
Lunch: open 7/7 days
Dinner: open 7/7 days

The wooden doors of a traditional house in the El Prado neighborhood hosts the elegant yet relaxed dining room of Paloma, designed meticulously and with great taste. The talented chef Rodrigo Díaz has opened this charming place to offer an exquisite and versatile menu where native ingredients play an important role. Preparations of pizzas in a fire wood burning oven, the raw bar, tapas, buns and more elaborate dishes such as grilled meats make this an excellent place to enjoy no matter the mood.

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