Jordan Becerra
Astrid Cortes
Bartender of the restaurant Celestina Jordan Becerra  /  
Administrative manager of the restaurant Celestina Astrid Cortes


 -  Mediterranean cuisine
Via Cajicá Chía, al frente de Fontanar, pasando el puente peatonal - Bogotá
Lunch: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Dinner: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

A neighborhood restaurant in Cajicá that opened its doors in a cozy rustic house with a different proposal. A place to enjoy eating and sharing around a table. The highlight of the menu are dishes made in a wood oven, which combine the international with the artisanal. The dishes vary with the seasons; You will find favorites like Brontosaurus beef, crab legs, smoked trout or freshly made pasta. Everyone will leave happier than when they arrived.

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