Guillermo Llamas
Jose Llamas
Co-owner of the restaurant El Burlador Gastrobar Guillermo Llamas  /  
Co-owner-manager of the restaurant El Burlador Gastrobar Jose Llamas

El Burlador Gastrobar

 -  Spanish Cuisine
Calle Santo Domingo # 33 - 88, Cartagena
Lunch: open 7/7 days
Dinner: open 7/7 days

A few steps from the Santo Domingo plaza, you can find a Spanish cuisine inspired menu, and a nightly flamenco show that evokes the magical traditions of this Iberian country. Using the geographic approximation to the Atlantic ocean, this kitchen offers a great variety of fresh and local seafood along with ingredients, spices, cheeses and dry meats imported directly from Spain, which make a perfect combination in this colonial city.

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