Mike McMurdo
César Mera
Executive chef-owner of the restaurant El Balcón de Ouzo Mike McMurdo  /  
Manager of the restaurant El Balcón de Ouzo César Mera

El Balcón de Ouzo

 -  Seafood
Cra. 3 # 19 - 29, Piso 2, Santa Marta
Lunch: closed
Dinner: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

This charming space in the heart of Santa Marta is entirely a terrace - yes! - with a beautiful view to the greenery of Novios Park and the chance to feel the refreshing Caribbean breeze without being disturbed. But this is much more than a terrace: it is without a doubt one of the best tables in the country. Fresh ingredients combined with impeccable cooking techniques results in a variety of meats, fish, seafood and flatbreads. The restaurant proposes plates served in the center of the table to share a fabulous dinner and evening.

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