Alexander Torres
Carlos Yaipen
Chef of the restaurant 14 Inkas Alexander Torres  /  
Owner of the restaurant 14 Inkas Carlos Yaipen

14 Inkas

 -  Peruvian cuisine
Centro Comercial Andino, 4to Piso, Local 10A/10B, Bogotá
Lunch: open 7/7 days
Dinner: open 7/7 days

14 Inkas offers diners a trip through Peruvian cuisine, with its name inspired by Incan Empire rulers, avant-garde decoration, the contrast between blue, gold, wood, dim light and mirrors generates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The stewed beef, the pachamanca and the traditional ceviches are all there, as well as an interesting Japanese and Chinese influence that makes Peruvian cuisine a gastronomic celebration.

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